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This question has been at the forefront of our clients’ minds from the first days of the Russian invasion. It was reflected in the dozens of emails sent to us. The concern is reasonable, given the circumstances. However, the IT sector in Ukraine remains as strong as ever. Our employees are relocated to safe areas, and all the processes are performed remotely. We take every precaution possible to keep our staff out of the woods.

What Are You Getting out of Working with Ukrainian IT   

The IT industry is developing rapidly in Ukraine, and the war did not slow it down in any way. Companies choose to outsource for various reasons:

Growing IT Sector and Infrastructure


The IT sector in Ukraine is developing remarkably fast. For instance, during the pandemic, when most industries experienced problems, Ukrainian IT export increased significantly. In 2020, the growth was more than 20%, exceeding $5 billion for the first time. 

What is even more inspiring, during the three months of the war, the advancement of the industry has accelerated even further — during the first quarter of 2022, the Ukrainian IT sector provided $2 billion worth of export — a 28% rise from $1.44 billion recorded for the same period of time in 2021. 

Needless to say that the IT infrastructure, therefore, is also developing fast in our country, including equipment, grants, new coworking spaces and hubs, etc. 

One of the Greatest Talent Competitiveness


Ukraine is described as an IT powerhouse with more than 285 thousand experts working in the industry — developers, engineers, QAs, and managers. The talent pool is innovative, young, inspired, and dynamic. The greatest concentration of IT experts is in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Lviv.

Great Value-for-Money, Commitment, and Flexibility  


Outsourcing is a very efficient way to reduce IT expenditure. Ukrainian development teams are highly committed to delivering products that first and foremost bring value to their clients. For this reason, most teams use the Agile approach, remaining flexible and ready to respond to a request for change. 

High-Quality Education with Hands-on Experience


Many Ukrainian universities can provide a splendid technical background, with some being in the top 700 worldwide. Moreover, there are countless high-quality courses for those who want to improve their skills and qualifications. The IT community in Ukraine is strong, and there are many IT clusters. The majority of IT specialists know English. 

Homeland to Many Tech Startups


Many internationally renowned startups have been developed in Ukraine by our talented citizens. These include Gitlab, Ajax Systems, Netpeak, Grammarly, RefaceAI, Delfast, MacPaw, People.AI, Preply, and many others. 

list of world-known Ukrainian startup companies

Safety of Our Team Comes First

Back in 2014, after the annexation of Crimea, the risk of a large-scale invasion was looming. Therefore, we started devoting time, attention, and resources to mitigating it by organizing special high-quality professional training for our employees on how to behave if the country is in a large-scale attack.

Moreover, the COVID-19 has pressured our Diversido team to transfer to a remote mode of work. The pandemic cannot, of course, even compare to the barbaric intrusion that happened on the 24th of February. However, all the mechanisms for remote work have already been in place and working in our favor along with the precautions taken years ago.  

Our cozy office in the capital and heart of Ukraine, Kyiv, has been sitting mostly empty since September 2022 due to the pandemic. However, most of our team remained in the city. From the onset, Kyiv was among the primary targets for Russian troops. Since the first days of the invasion, members of our team felt the urge to relocate themselves and their families to safer places. Everyone acted fast and within a few days, most employees were relocated.  Currently, everyone is content with their location, but we remain vigilant and ready for change. Every member of the Diversido team is mobile, having a portable working place and a stable internet connection. 

Rebuild High Capacity for Every Aspect of the Working Process

The aforementioned actions enabled us to resume our usual working routine, ensuring stability for our clients and employees alike. Our current working processes are built on four pillars, namely:


  • Effective Team Communication

Our internal communication is organized using the best international practices and tools. We communicate in chats, hold regular online meetings, and use task management software. We continue to communicate with our clients as often as before, using phone calls, online meetings, chats or emails — whichever the customer prefers. 

Our team members can cover for each other whenever the need might arise, thus ensuring that an employee’s unavailability cannot become a single point of failure for any project. 


  • Project Data Security

Data security has always been our priority, especially since 2014. All project data is completely safe, located in online cloud storage. The servers are located outside of Ukraine, and, of course, they are outside of Russia and Belarus. 


  • Transactions Protection

We are a registered US company; therefore, all financial transactions, as well as our funds and project budgets, are safe. 


  • Client Management

At Diversido, we keep delivering results according to the agreed schedule. Any delays are unlikely, but if we see that we fall behind the schedule, we will communicate this to our client in advance. Minor risk of project delay is ever-present, no matter company or country. Yet, our track record of delivering on time has been excellent so far. The war has given us an impetus to mobilize and work even harder than before to support the economy of our country. Our managers are ready to answer any question you might have. 

Strong International and State Support 

The Ukrainian government and the governments of our partner countries do everything possible to support people and businesses. Thus, foreign institutions provide financial assistance, while our officials simplify various procedures and regulations, allowing businesses to operate more freely. These actions aim to stimulate the Ukrainian economy, which has been working at about half of its capacity since the beginning of the war. 

For example, the United States has issued a $40 billion aid package for Ukraine for military and humanitarian purposes. Moreover, President Biden has signed the “Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022.” This is a historic event showing the determination of the USA to support our country, as well as its confidence that we will win this war — the war for our democracy and freedom. The only time a lend-lease was signed before was during WWII to support the Allies. 

Considering that the direct damage to our infrastructure has now exceeded $90 billion, we are grateful to every institution, organization, and individual helping us to alleviate the losses. Other financial support from international institutions and financial organizations includes a $700 million support package from the World Bank, a €2 billion resilience package from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, a 1.2 billion macro-financial assistance package, and 500 million in humanitarian aid from the EU. 

Our government is quick to act too — various reconstruction plans are already under development. Tax obligations for businesses were alleviated, although many companies that can afford to pay taxes choose to do so. Employed people from the territories where there are active military actions can get state support. Moreover, several new tax policies were recently approved to support small and medium-sized businesses.

Highly Motivated to Work for Our Better Tomorrow

For all the reasons mentioned above, it is safe to outsource any software project to Ukrainian experts. We understand that there is added stress and pressure because of the war, but we are inspired by the incredible bravery of our soldiers who protect us, our freedom, and our homeland. 

We know that we are, financially speaking, their rear and support. Therefore, our employees are highly motivated to keep working, now more than ever — to support our economy and our army. At Diversido, we donate a significant amount of our profits to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

We are eager to take on new projects and collaborate with our current and prospective clients to build a better future for our country and the whole world. 

We would also like to say a separate thank you to every company and individual who has supported Ukraine in any way. Joining demonstrations and voting for politicians who are ready to support our country by deeds, not words, mean a great deal to us. 

When the war is over, we will treasure an opportunity to share a cup of delicious coffee with any client in our office, overlooking the evening Kyiv.