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By: Tanya Kobzar

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I speak with new people, potential partners and clients every week, and often I hear very similar questions about our work process, approach, specialization, etc. So, I decided to collect the most common ones, and answer them in this article, highlight how we work in Diversido.

What is your work approach?

Usually, we work either with Time and Material or Fixed-price approach.

Time and Material allows more flexibility, quick start, on-demand tasks, no need to approve and discuss the scope every time; it is the best for a long-term relationship.

Fixed-price is good for projects with a clear and settled scope, with a particular budget for the whole product. In such cases, it is very important to define the requirements very well at the beginning of the project, making sure that everybody is on the same page about the product. That is why we always start fixed-price projects with the Elaboration phase, whose goal is to define all the scope and do all the needed investigations to provide an accurate estimation.

We apply Agile best practices in our work with any collaboration approach – daily meetings, regular status updates, planning, demo, and retrospectives.

We also follow the continuous delivery principle with the Earliest Usable Product approach, perfectly described by Henrik Kniberg in his article, we try always to have a usable app and add the functionality gradually.

Where are you located? How do you handle time zones difference?

Our company is the US one, but the development office and most of the team are in Kyiv, Ukraine.

We believe that regular communication between the team and the client is important, no matter the distance. We almost don’t have a time difference with European clients, so no special measures are needed. As for the US ones, we have about 4 hours of overlap with the East Coast, it is enough for all the discussions and collaboration. The biggest difference is with West Coast, but we successfully have our daily meetings at the end of our day and at the beginning of theirs – to catch up, discuss the questions and make needed decisions.

How do you communicate? Do your developers communicate directly with clients?

Transparency and effective communication are our values, so developers always communicate directly with the clients on regular calls and in slack channels. We use task boards (JIRA or Trello), which are always up to date, with all the tasks statuses. We encourage clients to have regular calls with the team – at least weekly, ideally – daily.

What types of services do you provide?

We provide full-cycle web and mobile applications development – from idea discussions and wireframes to publishing to production and app stores. We have designers, product managers, back-end, front-end, mobile developers, QA enigineers, and project coordinators in the team, so we can handle any development task.

Our technologies of choice are Node.js, Python, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, Flutter, Xamarin, Unity3D.

Do you provide any support after finishing the project?

Sure, all our fixed price quotes include two months of critical issues fixes. After that, there are two possible approaches – either some reserved amount of support hours per month, when we keep people available for any tasks within the allocated time, or support on-demand when the rates depend on the urgency of the tasks.

How much software development costs?

To evaluate every project, we initiate the Elaboration phase during which we do all the needed research and provide an accurate quote. Our rates vary from $25/h to $50/h, depending on the specialist’s level.

What is your specialization?

We specialize in two areas – Healthcare and Education, have been working in each of them since 2013. We are HIPAA compliant, have a lot of experience with wireless devices connectivity, EHR and EMR systems, Gamification in Healthcare and Education.

How big is your team?

We have 21 people in the team, and if needed, we can hire dedicated developers for the project – the average period of finding the right person is one month.

Can you show your clients’ feedback or provide this reference for a recommendation?

Our work history and clients’ feedbacks could be found on Upwork, and Clutch. We also can provide our clients’ contacts for reference.

If there are any additional questions you’d like to ask, or you have some ideas to discuss, let’s have a brief call. You can book a meeting with me via my calendar -( or just drop me an email at


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