Miro is an application
used for brain health

It is a collection of more than 15 interesting and engaging games which serve as tools that track the emotional, cognitive and motor functions of a patient’s brain that allows physicians to track the functioning of their patients’ brains and save all the results and other clinical information.

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how MIRO


Miro’s intelligent analytics extract the clinically relevant information from a patient’s audio, video, and interactive responses recorded via the iPad’s built-in camera, touch screen, microphone and gyroscope. In this way, it gives an exceptional insight into a patient’s brain health status, which helps physicians in the diagnosis of neurological disorders and conditions.


For MIRO we did Game Design, Client implementation (Unity 3D), Server implementation (AWS, TrueVault), API creation and integration
Concept art, 2D Art, animations and Research on the new technologies as eyes tracking, speech recognition, etc.


Miro is easy to use! Physicians and patients can download it on their iPads and use it anywhere, at any time.