The Business Revival Series and Medical Technology UK Conferences: Diversido’s Experience in 2023 

By: Tanya Kobzar

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Business Revival Series

The Business Revival Series and Medical Technology UK conferences are health & wellness-oriented conferences and fairs in the UK. They are designed to bring together leaders from the local UK market; however, international players like Zoom and TikTok were also present this year.


Besides workshops, Q&A sessions, and keynote speeches, there was also a fair — with wellness innovations & tools for remote work (at Business Revival) and medical devices and compliance services (at Medical Technology).

What Is the Business Revival Series In More Details?

The Business Revival Series is an annual event that takes place in London, UK. It is a series of conferences that are focused on business innovation, remote work, and wellness. The event is organised by Inspired Motive. This year’s event took place on March 21-22 in ExCel, London.


According to organisers, over 10,000 business owners attended the conference from all over Europe. There were speakers from giants such as Vodafone Business, NHS, and BBC, alongside various creative wellness communities (even those who offered massages at the event promoting it for workspaces). In addition, there were also many start-ups present and investors interested in listening about them.


There were over 80 speakers such as Katey McElroy (Strategic Partnership Manager UKI at TikTok), Nicola Millard (Principal Innovation Partner at BT Group), and Andrew Berrie (Head of Workplace Wellbeing at Mind). They talked about trends and achievements of remote teams, wellness innovations, secrets of successful marketing campaigns in the UK and worldwide, and even ChatGPT.


The recurring topic and the one most talked about was corporate wellness. After undergoing COVID-induced social isolation and remote work obligations, lots of people faced the challenges of feeling burned out. Wellness and corporate wellness became the main focus of the independent conference stage. The speakers discussed how to implement wellness initiatives and how this trend can help companies create a healthy work environment.

What Is Medical Technology UK?

Medical Technology UK is a tech-focused event that showcases the latest innovations in medical technology and brings together global companies with the UK’s best talent. Each year, it attracts 500 visitors and 200 exhibitors from across Europe and beyond, including healthcare professionals, academics, and students. This year’s event took place on March 22-23 in Coventry, UK.


The event has become known for its keynote speakers including Prof. Tony Young (National Clinical Lead for Innovation at NHS England), Alex Driver (Head of Industrial Design at Team Consulting), and Beth Hindle (Senior Design Assurance Engineer at Stryker). At the conference, speakers discussed the latest developments in drug discovery, diagnostics, and digital health technologies. They talked about how effective design can empower users and the general role technology will play in the development of the healthcare industry.


The 2023 Medical Technology UK conference had a heavy focus on young and female entrepreneurship in Medtech — a whole day of discussions was dedicated to this topic. Speakers aimed to inspire other women to develop themselves in Medtech by sharing their experience as entrepreneurs or people who have worked with many startups before.

The Importance of Wellness at Work

The importance of wellness at work was a prominent topic at both conferences, due to its connection with productivity and longevity. It has become more crucial than ever before, as people are now working more remotely and for longer hours with less time off.


The medical technology industry has seen a rise in businesses offering wellness programs and tools such as headsets and special backpacks/back pillows as wellness gifts for those who work remotely. The growing number of communities and clubs in this field is another sign of the importance of health-related issues among professionals today.


Several speakers talked about how they had created a culture of health and well-being by making it easy for employees to get involved in sports leagues, yoga classes, and other activities outside work hours. Some exhibitors offered business-focused events that help companies connect or provide some other benefits such as networking opportunities or mentoring programs.


One of the Medical Technology UK panels said COVID helped to get more women into tech roles but still not many are at C-level positions yet. Hopefully, we’ll see improvement over time!

Why Did Diversido Decide to Attend These Conferences?

One of our favourite things about running Diversido is the opportunity to explore new places and meet new people. Since our founder, Tanya Kobzar, moved to the UK, we’ve been able to break out of our comfort zone regularly and get out into the world of our customers and businesses we served remotely before. One of the best ways we’ve found to do this is by attending conferences.


We visited both events with a few goals in mind:


  • meeting existing businesses, like medical device manufacturers, to learn more about what’s new on the market;
  • connecting with potential customers who could benefit from our medical device integration expertise or expertise in wellness & gamification;
  • connecting with complimentary service & product providers, which are often requested by our customers (like investors, producers of medical tools etc);
  • listening to discussions to see what is on the minds of innovators in the UK;
  • networking, networking, networking :)


We mostly dedicated our time to networking and meetings, which already led to calls and planned meetings in London for detailed partnership discussions or project evaluations.

Insights at the conferences

Insights We Gained at the Conferences

We’ve received loads of valuable information and food for thought, and we’ll try to implement some of these ideas and services in our operations:


  • Integrating smart devices into HR management systems, which helps companies understand how employee productivity is affected by their health and physical activity. Working with various wearables integrations this trend brings us more and more use cases to share with the customers.
  • Welcome packages for remote employees with items that promote well-being: hydration supplements, massage at workplaces, health literature, sport communities that offer discounts for different activities etc. All these companies also need a digital way to deliver their messages and want to help others to focus on wellness of their teams even more.
  • When it comes to marketing, it’s important to communicate company messages on behalf of a specific person, not the company, and address people directly. The message should be personalized, and it should trigger emotions; this way, it will get across more effectively.
  • There are various helpful new tools for remote workers: comfortable headpieces, backpacks that turn into back pillows, remote conference services, etc. The more people work remotely or in hybrid way, the more tools appear to make it more comfortable.


At Diversido, we believe that staying ahead of the curve is important both in the products/services the business offers and in the way it operates and treats its employees. That is why we try to incorporate new ideas that will benefit our clients and our own team.

Should You Consider Visiting These Conferences in 2024?

If wellness, medical technology, and all related innovations are within your interests — definitely yes! These events might not be as large as WebSummit, but they provide more focused content and connections. Open people, business speed dating events, exhibitions and talks — you can find whichever activity fits you better and gives you the best insights.


With a few conferences in our pipeline for the next months, we hope to come back to the new season of Business Revival and Medical Technology Conference 2024 with other insights, lessons learned, and already existing connections to strengthen!


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