Enter the world of magic…
Fight against monsters…
And save the world!!!

It is a dark time for the world. Someone wants to mess up the World Order. Four evil monsters broke into the Library of World Order and stole almost all pages from the Sacred Book, leaving only a few behind. You are the new library keeper and the protector of the world and it is up to you to find the stolen pages and save the world.

Rules of the game

are quite simple

You have some HP, a set of shuffled cards on the desk and four cards in your hand. Each card possesses attack power and contains a question and three possible answers. If you answer correctly, your card releases its power and attacks the monster. But, if your answer is wrong – the monster doesn’t get hurt and you receive damage.

The four monsters have HP and attack power and the only way to defeat them is to answer all questions correctly. In order to do that, you need to read the pages from the Sacred Book that the monsters didn’t rip off because each of them contains information related to the questions. Be brave, defeat all the monsters and win the game!!!


For Battle of Wits we did: Game Concept & Design
Art assets and UI, WebGL client implementation
using Unity 3D, Third party APIs integration


Game is available for iPad.
Players not only play, but they also learn some things.