Forage Kitchen is not just a kitchen, but a
home for all food makers, food lovers, gourmands
and for the entire Bay Area food community.

Forage Kitchen is a shared kitchen, where every person interested in making food can show his/her skills, regardless if it is a pro or an amateur. This shared kitchen is spacious and equipped with all necessary tools so that cook can maximize their creativity and make their recipes a success.

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with Forage Kitchen

cooks can

Apart from having needed work space and equipment, they get training and support to improve their skills and start their business more easily.


For Forage Kitchen we: Rewrote whole coffeescript logic, Fixed spaces nexudus interaction errors, Changed design to be mobile-friendly, Added small features (e.g ability to add booking to Google Calendar)

  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • React


Forage Kitchen is a co-working space for food, which expands the local food economy by supporting the food makers. Having space where they can express their cooking talent, a business support and access to local farmers, they get a chance to start their cooking business a little bit easier.