SST (Safe Sedation Training) is
an online and simulation training
in moderate sedation.

It is intended for nurses, dentists, physicians and trainees in these disciplines. The content is consistent with many professional society practice guidelines. The course curriculum was developed by sedation experts using scientifically grounded sources and it is adopted by the American Society of Anesthesiologists. Safe Sedation Training is offered to individuals and hospitals.

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with SST

learners can

Learn the best and safe practice in moderate sedation through the engaging, interactive and animated content.



Self-paced training, Interactive assessment of learner’s knowledge after each module, Tracking staff’s training process – Suitable for hospitals of any size, Certificate of completion valid for 2 years


We did product styling and redesign implementation and new learning course integration and support Ruby and refactoring using Node.js

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SST is a great course with a mission to achieve mastery of the scientific foundation of moderate sedation practice.