eTutorCloud is an
educational platform
for online tutoring.

It enables tutors and students to discover each other and connect in real time, whenever they want, for wherever they want. eTutorCloud is a complex, carefully designed system which serves to simplify the teaching/learning process.



Quality audio, high-definition video, and text-based chat. Tablet writing experience same as that of pen and paper. A collaborative, fully equipped whiteboard. Screen sharing option to share your desktop and anything on it: Word and PowerPoint documents, PDFs, jpegs, and other apps. Ability to collaborate and comment on shared content.


Students and tutors profiles, Requesting and bidding system, Search system, University support and online payments, Tutorial processing, Online audio-video conferences, Direct messaging and screen sharing for 1-to-1 and group sessions, Users support system are implemented on Ruby on Rails.

The video guide briefly highlights most of the platform features