2018 in Review

By: Tanya Kobzar

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End of the year is a good time for a short retrospective and setting the New Year resolutions and goals, so let’s remember what 2018 brought us. It was a good year, feels like we moved to a new level as a company and the team.

  • Rebranding to diversido.io – as “Mobile” in the company name was misleading for both potential clients and potential employees, giving the impression that we are focusing on mobile projects only, which is not true, having a star web team and web solutions as half of our projects.
  • Our COO brought our project, product, and people management processes to a new level. Onboarding, project management, reporting, strategic goals execution – all the operational activities are well defined and kept to.
  • We had proper Strategic planning at the beginning of the year, goals decomposition and execution, quarterly intermediate sessions and reports. All the team was involved and we moved to the goals together, making the totally transparent results sharing. A lot of what we planned, we achieved, some things are still in progress, but we are definitely on the right path!
  • 8 new great people joined our team, forming a strong QA department, strengthening Web and Mobile ones with a wider expertize and moving our HR and Accounting to the new level
  • 9 new projects were started this year – educational game for a museum, new wearable for the fitness experts, medical devices integration app, doctors training software, exhibition stand software for the famous sports brand, app for the fitness clubs chain, app for the tips counting, big screen app for exhibition purposes, and a platform allowing to find a needed healthcare specialist
  • We defined two directions we are going to focus on – Healthcare and Education, as we have a lot of experience in these areas, they inspire us and we believe the future is in EdTech and Healthcare IT!
  • We hit the $1M mark of earnings in Upwork, it is official!
  • Celebrated 5 years anniversary, which itself is a great achievement, knowing that only 1 of 2 businesses survive that long!
  • Had several remarkable team building events, and the absolutely awesome New Year in Thailand with the whole team!

2019 resolutions

  • Setup a Business Development department, master different clients aqusition approaches
  • Focus on Healthcare and Education products, deepen our expertise, establish new exciting partnerships with the clients
  • Participate in the industry events and share our knowledge through the blog, whitepapers, educational videos, etc.
  • Keep growing, adding new exceptional people to the team
  • Stay awesome, have fun, do great products and never stop self-improving!


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