Professional App Development Services for Healthcare and Wellness

Since 2013, we at Diversido, a healthcare app development company, have completed 85 tech projects for healthcare and wellness — and we’re here to create from scratch & improve yours.

Full-Cycle Healthcare and Wellness App Development

Diversido helps healthcare & wellness startups, small and large tech companies, and provider organizations to create secure and innovative solutions that change the conventional approach to care.

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Diversido analyzes the expectations of the stakeholders and users and aligns project objectives with the available technical means. We study the market, talk to potential users, and try to validate the hypothesis of the product to develop at the earliest stages of development.


We design a thoughtful architecture based on tech requirements and best UX & security practices. We plan out API integrations (e.g., with EHRs) and data standard support (like FHIR compatibility) for healthcare products that require it from the very beginning.

UX/UI Design

Our team develops and tests several UI prototypes, gathers feedback for them, and, through validating the app’s design choices this way, finds the most likable and impactful design for a product — while making sure it remains robust & performs well.

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Our programmers write clear and concise code to create well-performing, scalable solutions. We develop for mobile devices, integrate IoT hardware, if needed, and make sure the whole infrastructure is secure, stable, and built according to HIPAA Rules.


We test on different platforms and devices, browsers, and OS’ — via functional, usability, integration, security tests, and more. We make sure the app withstands synchronization with multiple APIs and can maintain high performance with a large traffic volume.

Release to Market

We launch, support, and maintain clients’ solutions for them: deploy products to different hostings (including HIPAA-compliant ones) and make sure they pass verification within App Store and Google Play. With flexible, reliable architecture we can also update your products seamlessly.

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Types of Medical and Wellness Apps We Develop

Diversido develops apps for patients, doctors, medical students, and healthcare providers. We work with medical device integration, mobile and web apps, software solutions, and wireless technology.

Telemedicine apps


A great solution for remote healthcare for private clinics and individual healthcare practitioners (e.g., therapists) and large hospital systems — we build telemedicine apps for both, on different scales & with the same robust and fitting for accessible, stable connection architectures.

Patient medical health tracking apps


The goal of e-health solutions of this type is to help with in-hospital and at-home patient monitoring, gather medical data for further research and analysis, and suggest more personalized treatment programs using the patient data gathered by IoT devices and processing via AI.

EHR software


We build EHRs that go beyond storing patient data and providing access to it. They connect to other custom healthcare apps via APIs for additional data about patients’ health and help doctors focus on patients by automating their routine tasks & providing them with more insights into patients’ conditions.

Medical Device Integration


We integrate medical devices with healthcare apps: From blood sugar and movement trackers to other tech for remote monitoring to wearables for chronic condition management, treatment adherence management, etc., these solutions benefit patients in and out-of-hospital.

Wellness apps


Diversido crafts solutions for patients’ self-diagnosis & health management. Based on clinical evidence, they help users find out what’s going on with their health and if there’s a reason to be worried. Using them, users keep track of their vitals, mental state, mood, sleep, etc., becoming more aware of their health & wellness needs.

Simulation and Training apps


Simulation and training solutions provide medical students and healthcare professionals with an opportunity to practice and hone their skills in augmented or virtual environments, via interactive tests and quizzes, videos, podcasts, and educational games. With these e-learning solutions, they learn by practicing in a risk-free way, solving real-life cases within a low-stakes environment.

Case Study

Safe Sedation Training (SST)

E-learning Platform That Helps with Safe Sedation Education

SST is an online application for simulation training in moderate sedation developed for therapists and nurses. Diversido helped with a redesign to make a solution more engaging and robust.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, React JS, Node.js

Result: We built a new interactive platform for the SST course for anesthesiologists in training. Now, the solution is verified and actively used by the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

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Vitals Bridge

Simulations for Surgeon’s Training

VitalsBridge is a mobile application that creates an accurate simulation of clinical settings for medical students to go through first aid and other training on manikins. We developed it.

Technologies: Xamarin, BLE 4.0, Bluetooth 2.0 (Serial), UWP, Raspberry Pi

Result: Vitals Bridge allows setting simulated vitals for the mannequins on clinical monitors. Trainees are offered to react to these changes. The app provides an opportunity to set up a safe, effective training environment that feels close to real life.

Health and Wellness Applications We Create

Diversido works on apps for patients, doctors, medical students, and healthcare providers. We create projects with medical device integration, wearables and various 3rd-party integrations.
With our previous e-learning experience and some gamification mechanisms imprementation, we can be helpful with the health-related educational initiatives.

Fitness and Coaching apps


We build stand-alone apps for exercises at home and curated apps for fitness clubs and training centres. They connect with wearables — usually the development includes integration of HealthKit & Google Fit with them — and allow people to track their exercise data, create personalized training programs, and so on.

Mental Health apps


Diversido creates apps for mental health, too: they connect users to therapists via chats or video, present them with interactive exercises that distract them from anxiety or teach them to track cognitive distortions, and include tools for mood tracking, med adherence, and stress management.

Meditation and relaxation apps


Apps for meditation provide users with different ways of centering themselves, pulling out of the buzz of the outside world, and focusing on silence and breathing. Our apps in the niche help users clear their minds, calm down, and focus.

Case Study


Tracks Med Adherence and Blood Pressure

Inspirers is a mHealth app for iOS and Android that helps patients with hypertension stay aware of their blood pressure indicators and keep track of their medication adherence. It’s particularly useful for people with asthma. Self-reported data collected via Inspirer’s two monitoring modules are visualized in reports. We’ve helped create it.

Technologies: Swift, Android Xamarin, Node.JS with PostgreSQL database

Result: With the help of Inspirers, people with hypertension and asthma stay aware of drops and changes in their life signs and don’t skip their medications. The app makes med adherence and following the routine easy and fun via gamification.

Case Study

Happy Minds

Game that Helps Beat Negative Thinking

Happy Minds is an Android/iOS app that encourages users to think positively and support a positive mood via simple, engaging games. It’s a creative project developed at the intersection of healthcare and game development.

Technologies: Unity3D

Result: Happy Minds trains people to choose positive options among two other through a puzzle game, which helps users translate the same attitude to their real life. Positive thinking improves their mental well-being if they’re stressed, sad, or fatigued.

Building HIPAA-Compliant Medical Applications
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Non-compliance is a risk that costs in fines of thousands of dollars and disruption of user privacy that, consequently, leads to harm for patients and reputational losses. We create secure medical solutions that are compliant with HIPAA: we employ the safeguards within the architecture, code, and UI of a healthcare app to protect patients’ data.


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On-Demand Solutions We Can Integrate into Your Healthcare Application

Diversido can boost your digital health app using the most popular, advanced tech in healthcare — or build an innovative solution that’ll utilize this tech from the ground up.

HealthKits & Google Fit Integration

We link your app to HealthKit and Google Fit, health data frameworks developed by Apple and Google. With them, your app can tap into user-reported data and data from other monitoring devices that are transferred to the user’s phones. Doctors who use your app will be able to make more precise, data-driven decisions about patient care, and patients would understand more about their health and have instant access to their data.

APIs Integration

We connect your healthcare app to other devices and solutions via their APIs. In that way, your app can learn how to do speech recognition, connect to users’ wearables & other IoT devices, show them their medical history and transfer results of tests into the app, and so on. Similarly, via APIs doctors can gain access to patient monitoring capabilities from within their software, access tools for medical data processing and libraries, and many other tools for providing better care.

Wireless Devices Integration

In response to the growing demand for wearables, our healthcare app development company learned how to integrate apps with almost any kind of them — from Fitbit bracelets to smart skin patches with sensors — in a secure, safe way. We also build software that connects to digital thermometers, portable ultrasound systems, workout equipment, and more.

Gamification Elements

Gamification brings interactivity to user experiences, improves user retention, and helps them perform better & more consistently (e.g., exercise regularly or not forget to take their pills.) Gamification is a good fit for projects focused on raising health awareness, apps for rehabilitation and mental health, and other self-care management solutions.

EHR and EMR Solutions

Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Record systems store patients’ health information across large hospital networks and within small clinics and provide a comprehensive look into various aspects of patient care. (EMR is more narrow, focused exclusively on patient history & treatment within a single medical practice.) We develop them for healthcare organizations of various scales and integrate our apps with existing EHRs and EMRs.

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    Diversido’s Technology Stack

    After 10 years of app development for healthcare, we’ve got the tools & expertise to create powerful, useful projects for better care. We mainly use the kit listed below — but let us know if you have other technology or tool in mind for your product.

    Key Technologies

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    We Work With

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    Why Working With Us?

    We develop medical and fitness apps from scratch and can update your healthcare solutions if our tech stack matches. We’re here to promote excellence, precision, and better care outcomes in the industry — and here’s why you’ll like working with us.

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    Vast Experience

    We have nine years of experience as a company built to perform great remotely — and as a collaboration of engineers, designers, and product managers with deep expertise in the healthcare industry. We’ve been developing wellness solutions, IoT training simulations, hospital workflow automation software, numerous patient-facing apps, and various other digital health products in healthcare.

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    Absolute Job Success

    We have 100% job success and a laser focus on product quality. While the average project duration in Diversido is about a year — we work fast — many clients stay with us for further collaboration for 6-7 years. We gain clients mostly through referrals and have been given several Best Agency Awards by Upwork and recognized as a Top B2B company in Ukraine by Clutch.

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    Ready-to-Use Solutions

    Because we value efficiency, we have a lot of pre-developed tools (like ready-to-be-set-up backends) and tools, custom and not (frameworks, algorithms, models) that allow us to quickly start your project. We utilize all these with industry standards in mind — ready-to-use app components speed up development and cut costs..

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    Marketing & Sales Support

    Market launch is the beginning of even harder work: and we always support our customers through it. We handle the updates to the product, adjusting it to users’ feedback and emerging business needs. Also, we develop marketing strategies for the products we’ve helped develop, create & set up ad campaigns, and establish a robust content creation pipeline.

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