It is an educational, web-based game
which supports and promotes
learning with technology.

It is a puzzle game through which children will learn many different things. The game, in fact, an encyclopedia – an unusual and interactive one, which helps children expand their knowledge, at the same time developing their cognitive skills.

This game

has really interesting story

As every encyclopedia, this one also has pages and each page contains text and images. But, the images and some words from the text are messed up and misplaced because some characters from other books ran through the pages. Now, there are words missing from the text and images placed on it. These images are in form of puzzle pieces and you should put them where they fit. Also, you should put the words back on their place in the text. Once you finish your task, you will need to answer several questions in a quiz and you will finish the game.


For the educational game we did: Game concept and design, Art assets and UI, WebGL client implementation using Unity 3D, Third party APIs integration.


The best way for children to learn is through games. And, the games children like the most are those played on a computer. So, if you combine a learning material and a game, you will hit the jackpot. And this is a combination like this.