Tapatan is an archaic
board game originating
from the Philippines.

At first sight, it seems as a simple game, following very simple rules. Players have three stones which they have to set in a row, on the board. Setting the stones in a row is not simple or easy at all, since there are over 1500 possible position combinations and an opponent which will fight hard and will do everything to stop you from achieving your goal and winning the game.

with Legend

users can

Interesting gameplay, More than 1500 moves combinations, 2 players can play on the same device, Online multiplayer, Complex AI.


For Legend of Tapatan we did: Game design, Art assets and UI, Client implementation using Unity 3D, Server implementation using Photon, AI design and creation.


The Legend of Tapatan is an exciting and challenging game which, most of all, challenges your mind and trains your strategic skills.