Shipwrecked Shambles
is a puzzle game about a
pirate crew with bad karma.

They are conquerors of seas and the most powerful thieves with a great ship, but no luck. Greedy and always ready for adventure, these pirates sail without thinking twice. Unfortunately, every time they sail, something goes wrong! Either a young shipboy fell asleep on his post and didn’t notice the coral reefs, or a crazy storm appeared out of nowhere. Or, a giant Kraken decided to wake up exactly at the moment when the ship was above him. Regardless of the reason, the end is the same – they are shipwrecked. And now, this fearless crew of mighty pirates instead of thinking about new adventures, must think about saving their lives.

with Shipwrecked Shambles

gamers get

Cute cartoonish style graphics. 4 different shipwrecks with their own characters and other game elements. 108 levels varying complexity – from piece of cake to real hardcore. Hints for the most difficult levels.


For Shipwrecked Shambles we did: Game design, Concept art, 2D art, User interface design, Game implementation using Unity3D.


Shipwrecked Shambles is available
for both iOS and Android, getting
5 stars rate on App Store.