About Us

We are Diversido, development studio specialising on full-stack web development, games creation and mobile apps.

Our History

We started in 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine as a group of enthusiasts who wanted a freedom of choice how to work and who to work with and were ready to take the risks that founding own company can bring.


We started in 2013 in Kyiv,
Ukraine as a group of
enthusiasts who wanted a
freedom of choice how to
work and who to work with
and were ready to take the
risks that founding our own
company can bring.



In 2014 Ruby on Rails senior
developer joined us and very
soon full stack web development
became our major specialization,
in addition to game and mobile


We grew to 10 people in
the team, published several
own games and one app, won
multiple awards, worked on
several ambitious projects,
extending the team and
reaching more clients.



We changed direction a
bit, focusing on Education
and Healthcare projects,
meeting great clients and
exciting projects, attended
several conferences as
speakers and won new
awards, that we are proud


We met with most of
our clients face to face -
traveling through the
US and UK, attended
several major industry
events, like WebSummit
and The Next Web Conference,
moved to the new office
with the stunning view,
got featured by Upwork,
and other cool things
happened to us!



We stay cool, adding new talents to the team, setting and reaching our strategic goals, evolving and growing!

we are


Working on Elance and oDesk since the very beginning,
we followed them after merging to Upwork and reach
a great success, especially for such a small team!

see our




We are very careful with selecting people who we are working with, that's why now we have only 21 people in the team. But each of them is a superstar, reliable, responsible, communicative and has a real passion for what he or she is doing.

Tetiana Kobzar
Tetiana Kobzar Founder/CEO
Alexey Shikov
Alexey Shikov CTO
Iryna Mostovenko
Iryna Mostovenko COO
Stas Nikitin
Stas Nikitin PM/QA Lead
Yasmina Makh
Yasmina Makh HIPAA Compliance Officer
Vitalii Slutyi
Vitalii Slutyi Recruiter/HR
Victoria Pototska
Victoria Pototska Accountant / Finance Manager
Tamara Moroz
Tamara Moroz QA Engineer
Alexandra Omelchuk
Alexandra Omelchuk QA Engineer
Vitalii Cherednichenko
Vitalii Cherednichenko QA Engineer
Vladimir Lymar
Vladimir Lymar Unity/Xamarin Developer
Anastasiia Shevnina
Anastasiia Shevnina Xamarin Developer
Leonid Lystopadov
Leonid Lystopadov Unity/Xamarin Developer
Anton Tereshko
Anton Tereshko Xamarin Developer
Ihor Pototskyi
Ihor Pototskyi Front-end Developer
Ievgeniia Sharapaniuk
Ievgeniia Sharapaniuk Front-end Developer
Yaroslav Bondur
Yaroslav Bondur Front-end Developer
Ivan Ivashchenko
Ivan Ivashchenko Back-end Developer
Oleg Krasnikov
Oleg Krasnikov Full-Stack Developer
Sasha Popova
Sasha Popova UI-UX Designer
Roksana Shchukina
Roksana Shchukina Content Manager
some of


We love what we do, and we strive to provide the best services for our
clients. The aim is to become part of your team, and with the help of our
developers and designers create meaningful digital experiences.