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Xamarin Is Being Discontinued: What Does It Mean for Developers?

By: Tanya Kobzar


Xamarin Is Being Discontinued: What Does..

This article discusses Microsoft’s announcement to end support for Xamarin. We cover..

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By: Tanya Kobzar


The Business Revival Series and Medical..

Here is what we've learned from visiting this year's Business Revival Series and Medical..

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healthcare app trends

By: Tanya Kobzar


Healthcare Mobile Apps Trends to Follow..

Digital health industry is projected to grow in value and on a scale in 2023 and further...

healthcare IT news

By: Tanya Kobzar


How Apple’s HealthKit and Google Fit APIs..

Google Fit APIs and Apple’s HealthKit are two health data platforms that power apps..

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discussion in team, project development and outsource work

By: Tanya Kobzar


Is It Safe to Hire Ukrainian Software..

The Ukrainian IT outsourcing sector remains safe and reliable, delivering great end..

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By: Tanya Kobzar


How Gamification Improves Healthcare and..

The role of gamification in healthcare app development, benefits of using gamification..

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